Audience Benefits
When you hire Alice, you'll
Obtain take home tools for each audience participant
Leave energized and motivated
Discover how to move from underdog to champion
Learn the benefits of risk taking
Learn to live a more purposeful fulfilling life
Feel good laughing and having fun!
How do you describe Alice? Well, she's:
A "can do" and "I will" attitude
High energy
Highly interactive with her audiences
Great storyteller
Real life experiences that everyone can relate to
Props and laughter help deliver serious messages
Sees the humor found in every day life and ordinary people
Seasoned business leader, cheerleader, mentor and coach
Illuminates the "gold" found in being human
Shows how to over come tragedy with stores of personal triumph
Shares stories from unusual adventures for a seemingly normal middle aged woman
Soulful connections from moments that give our souls that ahhhhh moment
Demonstrates how to drop the less in hopeless to create miracles in your life
Showa how to defy expertise and map your own destiny
Trailblazer from her varous work experience
Seasoned entrepreneur with clients from ma and pa to Fortune 100 companies
Summit 20,000 foot mountain with no previous experience
Shows you how to take a dream and create a financially successful organization
Turn "no" into " yeses"
Take ideas to a plan of action with measurable results to celebrate
Demonstrates the "no pain, no gain" theories for higher life satisfaction
Describes multiple adventures in courage
Decades of experience inside pressrooms, board rooms, state capitols
Successful business entrepreneur
College guest lecturer on presentation skills
Individual coach and trainer
Risk taker who believes failure is not an option
Uses heart warming stories from adversity in real life to show how to succeed
Learn how to influence those with influence
Create effective political advocacy to achieve your legislative agenda
Learn how to find your voice in the world
Discover what kind of a leader you are
Show how labels keep us living small
Learn how Assessments and snap judgments kill effective communication
Is bi-lingual, speaks English and teenager
Use background in journalism as a news reporter, speechwriter and speaker to help individuals determine their message, delivery, timing and targeting
Learn to use a variety of tools to shape your image and message
Learn the difference between publicity and public relations
Teaches presentation skills for more effective message delivery and audience or customer rapport
How to give a great speech regardless of the occasion
How to use your voice to increase your personal presence
How to generate more connected conversations with others
What does your language, body gestures, and voice say about you
How to turn a "no" into a" yes"
Guides strategic planning for your organization or event
Key game plans for political success on your issues or cause
How to run effective meetings ( having sat through thousands that weren't!)
How to be a savvy advocate in the political process
How to engage others to strengthen your own position
Master an effective presentation regardless of the audience
Work with individuals to help you increase your personal presence
Support stepping into whatever God has planned for your life (without the policy manual) Leap and the Net will Appear!
Challenging beliefs about all our "special needs"
Committed to belief that everything unattempted, is impossible
Alice 's stories make you laugh and cry
Interactive exercises to help foster esprit de corp
Crazy exercise to stimulate creativity and having fun
Ice breakers to help shy audience members feel they belong