"If you aren't going in a specific direction - North, South, East or West, you could be going in circles. Where do you really want to go? Where do you need to go? And, why?"

Alice's seminars help you answer these questions!

This seasoned national speaker and successful business entrepreneur can create a customized program for you that meets your specific objectives. Whether you need a full day, half day, series of days or short keynote program, Alice will work with you to deliver  a customized program.  Her topic areas range from leadership, change, the importance of taking risks, stress management, effective political advocacy, living a purposeful life and platform skills for communicators.

Anyone who is in a leadership position or aspires to a larger role in their organization needs to increase their confidence and skills communicating before different audiences or talking to the media. Wake up audiences by maximizing your unique talents to increase audience and customer rapport. Build stronger relationships, one customer at a time. You won’t get any canned presentations from Alice! Here are popular seminars:

Customer Service
Presentation Skills
Clarify Your Life Mission
Effective Advocacy

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