Leadership / Effective Management Series

Brand the Leader Called "You"

The quality of the follower indicates the quality of the leader in today's 24/7 business climate. Even though we all have the ability to lead, it requires a personal commitment to know why someone wants to follow you. What blinders or obstacles are in the way of the direction you need to go? This program is available as a keynote, half day, day long or series format.  

Very relevant topics for women in leadership positions. Excellent program. I am leaving more inspired and more excited about my career than ever.” —Aurora health care physician, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Take a Mulligan - Remember the Driver!
How to Develop Followers into Future Leaders

You may be a leader but who is training your followers? Your ability to motivate others depends on whether people buy into the strength of your own character in eight areas. Can you effectively coach and mentor people so their talent is maximized? What kind of return on your investment are you really getting? Leadership challenges you to develop future leaders to help increase your organization's competencies. We all know individuals win trophies but teams win pennants. Examine the four disciplines needed to build a strong cohesive leadership team.


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Keep your Hands Dirty - Creating Cultural Climates in Organizations to Stimulate Leadership

We've all experienced organizations where even the plants looked dead. After you look beyond the organization's chart and color brochures, what do you really feel about it? If everyone is hunkered down, silo thinking will breed cubicle creativity and stifle any hopes of building a strong cohesive team. Ultimately this will affect your bottom line.

"This program completely exceed my expectations. I learned more, and met more people and opened my mind to more ideas than I have in years-what a rejuvenating invigorating program." —University of Wisconsin Hospital physician, Madison, Wisconsin