Effective Advocacy

Her advocacy workshops concentrate more fully on effective written communication that is sure to avoid the circular file because it is full of too many too’s….

Too long, too statistical, too wordy, too off topic, too unrealistic, too accusatory,  too full of jargon. Knowing when to say what to whom in a targeted strategic manner can help well intentioned advocates for any cause know what pressure will provide the tipping point for your success.  Alice works with the meeting planner to help an organization or group determine what areas they need to focus. 

The truth about public speaking, however, is IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE STRESSFUL! If you correctly understand the hidden causes of public speaking stress, and if you keep just a few key principles in mind, speaking in public will soon become an invigorating and satisfying experience for you.
Alice works with your meeting planner to help you integrate her program into the overarching goals and needs of your group or organization.

    greater productivity in life due to more positive attitude
    increased motivation to develop talents and skills
    increased comfort level inviting change into your life or organization
    increased confidence and delivery with personal presentation skills
    greater knowledge about skills and structures needed to develop leadership within yourself and your organization
    increased advocacy effectiveness when you are trying to  influence those with influence.