Personal Development

Create a Personal Mission Statement for Your Life

It takes 160 acres of dirt to find the equivalent of one pound of gold, the equivalent of 37 full grown elephants. Yet, how many of us take the time to really assess if what we are doing with our lives is what we “want” to be doing because we are covered  in excess activity, to do lists, oughta’s, shoulda’s  woulda’s and gotta’s. 

No successful company operates without a clear mission statement and our life should be no different.  A personal mission statement for your life will help you focus your vision for personal growth, fueled by clear values about what is really important to you.  This program helps you learn how to make better choices about what you do with your life, how to spend your time and who to spend it with.  Are you making good choices? If you don’t know what’s important to you, how can you tell if you’re missing a piece from your peace? Conversely, if values don’t drive your decisions, how do you assess why you engage with certain people and situations?

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